F for Fashion: TIE-UNTIE

23 Ιανουαρίου 2019

oh hello hello,

i am so happy writing to you again.This time i served something neutral, comfortable and one of my all time favorite accessories..TIES. I remember myself looking for hot pink ties at the age of 10 (Avril Lavigne back in 2008).Ties make me so happy, it's always a true bomb of colour and a game changer. Despite that,i adore mixing clothes and accessories from different wardrobes,maybe a men's one! 
Of course i have no idea how to tie them correctly.I don't even remember. I don't even care-

Minimal lines in dark beige.A lightweight and comfortable fabric and...flowing moves.This look gives you that airy feeling.I fell in love with the quality,it softly hugs your whole body.
Dark lips, porcelain face. This look is definitely an alternative suit don't you think?

Pictures originally in high res : @thesonofeye

Sorry for the bad resolution due to blogger platform.We are trying to fix this.

i am wearing: 

make-up: Seventeen and KORRES

           thank you so much

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