BOIS-MOI avec BELVEDERE for Marie Claire Blog Awards

18 Ιουλίου 2018

It's a fact,our blog is awarded by Marie Claire Magazine as the best ''Natural Style'' blog, among other beautiful ladies.Can't wait to share with you the highlights of this amazing competition!Stay tuned for the next post,here,on my blog.

Our beloved sponsor Belvedere has challenged us on creating unique content,photographs and videos which would be uploaded on our social media,facebook and instagram.

Everything has started in Fuga,Athens where Belvedere set up an unforgettable workshop with Angela(Belvedere's Brand Ambassador) that learned us how to make a Belvedere Spritz all by our-self.Having the right equipment,we were ready to create our very own spritz,using natural ingredients.

Inspired by the Earth and her natural ingredients,the Greek Culture,70's films and the idea of recreating things out of sustainable materials,like recreating a look out of vintage-reusable clothes,we gave birth to BOIS-MOI or in English DRINK ME a conceptual cinematic photoshooting.

The story behind BOIS-MOI

The girl, Euridice at her 20s is seeking for her own self in an olive tree field near the Greek sea.She missed the sun and the feeling of her feet touching the earth.She missed her home, Nature. 
She was reborn, she learned to live again, to provide her anything she needs in order to take back gratefully love,harmony,oxygen and fruits.The idea of creating has come straight from the mother Nature. Euridice ,missing that feeling of creating , is heading towards an olive tree field... She collected fresh fruits and fresh basil from the ground.She made her favorite Spritz ,sweet and sour, and enjoyed it in the middle of the field, under the sun, wearing just a vintage pair of jeans and a bikini top.
The art of making the perfect drink is hidden in the secret recipe of @belvederevodka which is made of natural ingredients. She ate that watermelon slice too.


We are so happy that everyone enjoyed the result,THANK you so much for the support.Everything you see were uploaded on Instagram and facebook-sorry for the post-spam- haha.

The pictures that Antonis Agridopoulos took were so so good,thank you for everything.
Lesley a.k.a Goldie Chogan helped me with filming and editing,thank you so much!

Fun Fact: The bottle contained just...water.We squished a slice of fresh Watermelon in order to give this pinky colour to the Spritz.   


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