ATTRAPE-MOI // Chatoyant21 X Goldie Chogan for NIDODILEDA

20 Ιουνίου 2018

oh hello hello,

long time,no write to you, BUT i am pretty happy and superrr excited about this different post,because as you have seen from the pictures i have my very good friend Lesley a.k.a Goldie Chogan by my side.We came up with this idea in the last minute, while we were joking around we just remembered that we haven't post ANYTHING together,so we grabbed the camera and our favorite pieces made by our beloved Nidodileda and posed!

Since i was a child i used to see women differently,i 've always felt a little more safe when i was around them.I used to see them as super-heroes, the ones that can definitely manage to do everything they want,i have always been PROUD to be that kind of creature. With this saying,i should add that i don't think that men are useless or bad creatures.We are all the same but yet so different.

I prefer movies that women are the heroes and yes,i mostly prefer women singers,women bosses,women teachers just because they inspire me,they make me feel proud,they make me realise the huge steps we've taken since the western society didn't even allow us to vote or drive or walk and glance with the same way that men do,well we still can't or we are obliged not to (in some countries).I guess here is another story to tell.The truth is that i 've never called my self as a Feminist, i don't really like this label,people tent to think about hairy women protesting about their rights shirtless or something,yes unfortunately this is what the mass believes,this is what media promotes.We all should know that a feminist is a human being who aspire sexual equality in every single field and of course this human doesn't hate men.

I was grown up in an social environment where women should compete other women in every way.I made friends who saw me as a threat and i caught my self staring other girls judging them about their looks and choices.Where did this hate come from?Why we were made to face antagonism and not to help or admire each other.I am not perfect neither she is.Let's start all over again.
It's been more than a year since i have first challenged my self not to look a girl judgmentally and of course its not so easy to do so,but i am trying.I always tell to my self not to care but to care.I mean not to care for example about her sartorial choice but do care if she needs help.I am trying.

All these thoughts just came straightly from my head.I admire all the women on this earth,they make me feel alive,yes this is the right word ALIVE.We are so different but the same,struggling with the same problems every morning or night.NOBODY is perfect.But a TEAM can be.

Who would wear a piece with a print that another person in the room wears?WE DID.

We decided to pose together wearing the same print in different pieces.Beautiful Lesley is wearing the ''DIA unbottoned shirt and shorts'' and i am wearing the ''DIA dress'',they do have the same print but they are different,our personalities are unique,our smiles too,the way we drink and dance,the way we tell a story and the way we laugh.I admire her because of her energy,her clumpsy jokes and her knowledge on arts and cinema,she does inspire me and i am really happy having her as friend.

We ran up and down the stairs,we had so much fun in this photoshooting!We filmed a mini clip, created with so much love for our most favorite Greek brand NIDODILEDA you can watch it on youtube. We hope you like it as much as we do!


we are wearing:

Lesley: shorts & shirt by Nidodileda
Euridice: dress by Nidodileda
knitted black top: VINTAGE-handmade

Hairstyle by Sotiris Bardas Lori 18 Volos 2421 020068

find Lesley a.k.a Goldie Chogan HERE

feel alive,



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