24 Απριλίου 2018

Oh hello hello,

hearing some music,i am really happy that i am editing and writing again at the middle of the night at my sweet little home.I filled my brain with creativity and lovely moments that have already turned into memories and i am so ready to begin with the Spring-Summer season.

I am more than happy to announce you that our blog is going to collaborate with NIDODILEDA for their newest SS18 collection,that i could only describe as ethereal.Their collection is called ''Anaces'' and you can find their pieces here : https://www.nidodileda.com/


An elegant mint satin flowy top with the most beautiful embroidery sleeves will be my paint and my white plain trousers the canvas.Creating an easy to wear look just by opting for the most unique shirt.I am dancing like an original 70's girl but with a modern and elegant twist.The soft satin and the vintage detailed sleeves will make you feel like a true princess that just came out from the East.I grabbed my basket bag,flipped my bangs and danced under these beautiful red roses with my long shirt flowing through the wind.

I wore my ''no make'' make up and some colorful tiny yet so lovely jewellery!I am a tiny jewellery lover and honestly, i can't leave without them just because they are pretty and comfortable at the same time. 

My eyes,this look feels just like...Nostalgia.

I was wondering if it’s a bad
Thing being nostalgic, does
This makes you depressed or
Unhappy? Nostalgia has a
Lovely, unforgettable taste,
A sweet-bitter taste. Sweet
Because you know that you
Can recall some beautiful
Memories but…oh bitter
Because you can’t live the
Same moment again.
And Again.
I can’t live without nostalgia,
Perfumes ,pictures ,music,
The touch and every single sense
It’s weirdly connected with
Memories that can’t be deleted.
What our life would be without


All the pictures were taken by @antonis.agr

I am wearing:

shoes: H&M

Make up: Naturefun-4us ΚΟΥΜΟΥΝΔΟΥΡΟΥ 12 Βόλος
lipstic:Golden rose Soft&Matte Creamy LipColor
Mascara:Golden rose

Hairstyle:Sotiris Bardas Hair salon 2421 020068

Thank you so much!

Be kind,


*Fun fact: Hanging this lovely basket bag,people thought i was crazy,they were asking me whether i had a small animal inside or i was heading for a picnic.NO GUYS.It is a bag!

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