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26 Φεβρουαρίου 2018


lately i've heard and seen a lot this optimistic phrase,"If you really want something to be part of your life,you have to visualize it and make it happen''.Such a great ambition it is,to see myself or/and my bf's work in a magazine.Yeah,a full editorial maybe an interview too.I love setting goals and achieving them.I can say that by visualizing your goals you help your self to stay focused on them and make the magic happen.

Soo,being inspired of one of my childhood's dreams ,i created a magazine editorial-like where i am starring!I tried to edit the pictures like they were supposed to be part of the pages of a true magazine,so here it is, our very own magazine-like editorial!

Colors,Blossoms and Flowers,Red Lipstick,Femininity 

In this issue i am wearing a two pieced outfit made by the same-ADORABLE- pattern of plaid,so 60's,feminine and really chic.The reason i love two pieced looks is because of their utility to wear them as well as separate pieces too.So by investing in a two pieced look you already going to have 3 different options of wearing them.LIFE SAVIOR for sure.

To bring this look into 2k18 i tied my favorite waist bag around my waist.So easy to wear,a key piece that gives a modern twist on every single outfit.

Getting lower,i couldn't wait for this to happen,to finally wear colorful stockings.It is true that,this is my very first time wearing Stockings and -no offense leggings-Stockings are the best thing ever CAUSE you don't really feel them.Cozy and soft even if you wear them 24/7!I had the chance to try authentic Italian stockings made by Vienne Milano. Feminine,sexy pieces with such great quality.I opted for them in yellow in order to style them with 60's and 70's looks and honestly i can say that they look magnifique!

Talking about jewellery, a minimal mix of golden and silver circles are gracing my ears,easy to wear even on casual looks.These are my new favs for sure.
For my fingers i opted for a minimal ring again but with an artistic twist.A golden abstract face,''fished out'' of my Pinterest board.
Lately i've been getting so many comments on both of these jewellery.So wearable and chic,just giving the final touch on my looks.

Photographs by @Antonis.agr

Two pieced outfit:ZARA

FUN FACT:I was barefoot while we were shooting these photographs.

Thank you so much for reading.Visualize your goals and make the them REALITY!Be cool & express your self.WE WANT YOU TO BE DIFFERENT.


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