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28 Ιανουαρίου 2018

Oh hello hello,

It's been a while,i know.Well well i am a genuine brunette now,i changed my hair,trying the separated fringes and i can say that i am in love.The truth is that i have never said before the praise ''New Year,New me'' but with the begging of new year,i had my hair done and finally after 4 whole year i got my first tattoos done.Moreover,as you may noticed,i have made some changes on the blog.I added black details and i altered the kitty logo with something more minimal.New categories were adjusted and i can't wait to share with you my first posts on ''MOTS'' column.

This is the first post of 2018,i guess,and i had to show you my day-to-night casual yet chic look that i tend to opt for,when i have to stay out for a long time.Blazers are a total MUST this year,but guess what could be more than a MUST...a vintage blazer of course.This dusty pale blue blazer with these fake golden buttons is everything you need to elevate a look.Talking about boosting your ordinary outfit,time for a game changer and that will be the ''black mums trousers''.Black corduroy ,with the most unique detailed separation.J'ADORE.

A medium messenger bag is all i need for the essentials to carry in.Black and classic,with edgy details,well my favorite.And if somebody would ask me,what is the first thing i put in my bag this would not be my phone but my sunnies. A casual and basic piece,for your every-day-out.What can i say?

Photographs are taken by @antonis.ag

i am wearing:

blouse et shoes: ZARA

Be creative,use your mind.

Thank you,


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