25 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

Oh hello,hello,

if you read my blog,you would know that i am not a huge fan of sparkes,holograms and stuff.I am ''quite'', earthy and i prefer to create sparkly and dreamy outfits without using sequins and bling blings.The sun causes the light and the fire for me.Trust me,i would exchange all the sparkles of the world with pure satin and golden metallics.

I dreamt for a Christmas look,a soft look,a cozy look that would have its own kind of sparkle.As if i were on fairytale ,full of magic fairies.And here it is.

A long see-through dress embroidered with black flowers.How magical.It has a unique way to make you feel like a princess.Easy to be transformed,this dress could be all about elegance yet all about confort in such a beautiful way.

Christmas season must be full of cozy,warm and family moments,being with people you love and care about.Forget about feeling uncomfortable on high heels and tight dresses.This time of the year i opted for something more than comfortable .I matched my long dress with a buggy and warm Christmas-y golden sweater. Underneath that beautiful dress I wore a pair of over the knee laced up boots. Creating my own type of mystery, being my own kind of Christmas Fairy.

And what about that make-up look. A dramatic look dated back to 60’s.Black pencil,eyeliner and nude lips.A drama queen.A black ribbon tied on my hair and golden accessories will be the last touch of this Christmas outfit.

Photography by @antonis.agr.

All these pictures were taken underneath the pouring rain.My hair is a mess.Show some love.

I am wearing:

Thank you so much,

Merry Christmas everyone.Spreade the Love.Trust and love your self.


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