29 Νοεμβρίου 2017

The blue sky,
some clouds,
a mirror,
two lovers
,a long dress in baby blue detailed with flowers.
Rain,piece of ART.Cause we art-together.

Black underwear and black ankle boots.
Eyes in blue,dramatic blue.
Poems about love and sky,and silk and blue.

This is not a poem,it is just the discription of the post.

Enjoy the ones written anonymously down below.

Amazing work by @antonis.agr .
editing by me.

''The sky, the sky
was a perfect shade 
of dark blue
the sky, the sky
won't stop reminding me
of you
The sky, they sky
was a perfect shade 
of you.''

''If you were the sky

Then I'd be the sea
And when you shined bright
It would reflect in me.
When you're at rest
Then I am steady.
If you wanna get rough
I'm always ready.
Past closing at the bars
If you show me the stars
I'll open right up
And cast them out far.
And on the darkest night
If you won't shine a light.
Then I'm silent alongside you
Until you feel right.
We'll meet at the horizon
Where lovers will stare
And wonder with passion
Why they can't meet there.
And you'll share me a kiss
As bright as two suns.
When they meet in the middle
I'll know the days done.
And I can tell that's your way of saying to me.
Goodnight my love.''

                                                                          My sky
''You think you're a piece of grass

A grain of sand on a beach
Maybe you are
But to me you aren't
You are as beautiful as the stars
All of space admires you
You are the rising sun
We orbit around you
You are the whole damn ocean
And the whole fucking sky
With your stupid cute dimples
Eyes that change color
Red hair that isn't really red
You are my sky and my stars
Don't you ever forget it.''

i am wearing:

Find all the poems and many more HERE.

This post was made with love for you guys who voted for an artsy post on my blog on a poll made on my instagram profile.So here it is.Well it is one of my favorite posts of all time.

Thank you so much,

stay windy,
love every inch and angle 
of you.

Get inspired but please use your creativity.


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