13 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Oh hello,hello

For me,fall is clearly associated with two things yellowy and orangy shades and the smell of juicy oranges.I have to say that oranges smell just like my sweet and swour childhood.Even if it is not my favorite fruit i enjoy it in every kind of compination.Bitter chocolate and orange..or every kind of chocolate and sweet flavored thing is absolutely mixable with the taste of a fresh orange.AND I LOVE IT.I even wore oranges as accessories.

If i had a travel-machine i would have definetely pressed the 70's button or the 60's one,well there is a dilehma here..i guess.Well can i press two of these?.
Unfortunately such thing never existed so i have to accept the idea of only by listening to old music or using old stuff you could teleport yourself to another decade.So did i!
I opted for black on black-black plain leggings and black velvet kitten heels and a mini dress.An ultimate 60's inspired look with the modern touch of  the black option.The truth is that black did never exist in that decade,vivid colours were a MUST but by choosing that colour i brought this look to today.
USE THAT AS A TRICK:Wear same color and shade on shoes and legging to create the illution of over the knee boots which is a massive trend on block.Instead of wasting money on different length boots,invest on classic pieces like these kitten heels.

And the mini dress,oh that mini dress or else the long turtleneck blouse is everything i need for this season.Pure elegant embrodery flowers and golden details make this dress a masterpiece .Glamorous yet cozy worn in different ways from day to night,to an event or to a lovely dinner.Couldn't be more chic.

photography @antonis.agr

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Be true to yourself,stay chic.

Thank you so much


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