F for Fashion: BREAK THE RULES

22 Νοεμβρίου 2017

oh hello,

i am here breaking the rules,i can't tell that it is my thing,i am such a good girl following the rules but quitly enough,sometimes i get wild and i break rules that were made by boring people.
I don't like symmetry.I find uniformity plain.But i do hate wearing silver and gold accossories at the same time.Am pretty selective.I don't mind,this is me.

Talking about that,cause as you can see,i have mixed classic pieses and an eccentric one ,this handmade transparent plastic raincoat, to create something eyecatching,alternative,in other words not boring.
The raincoat it self loves attention,it was created with love to do such thing.It is fashionable and a piece made for people who need to stand out the crowd.I went for something quite underneath it.A romantic duo of a knitted blouse in pink and the bottom of a classic suit in gray shades.
My romantic side got interrapted-as always- by my eccentric one,-the one that rocks the outfit-as always.

Actually you know this is a great way to try an alternative piece if you are not INTO these plastic clothing items.Try to create a balance in your outfit.Opt for transparent outwear and accessories to make some noise to a classic or basic outfit.Be wild just break the rules!

Photography by antonis.agr/

i am wearing:
BLOUSE: Le Mouton Bleu

Thank you,

break the rules sometimes,go wild,be genuine.


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