10 Οκτωβρίου 2017


i am so damn excited about this post!This is something more than a usual planned fashion post just because i am not the only one posing for Antonis this time.Our friend Ioanna a.k.a Azouli was my partner in crime this time and i can say that she rocked that shoot!The truth is that this photoshoot was not even planned before.We were just taking breakfast that morning and them i came up with idea to create a free-style post with beautiful Azouli.

We didn't plan our outfits before.We wanted to share our personal style.They are different but looking so cool together.We our identical,me dressed with my all time favorite tweed suit and Azouli with her beloved bomber jacket and tracksuits.I love seeing people alternative,different from each other having fun together.You don't have to change your personality,thoughts,dressing habits to fit in your friends.Believe in yourself and always stay identical.

Real friends wants you to be genuine not a copy of them.

After all we, had so much fun in this photoshoot.We were playing with the trundler at the super-market.I got in it and then Azouli did the same,we had a blast for sure!

I can't say a lot about this look because is just my all time favorite.The whole outfit from the bottom to the top,is the one with which i am truly expressed as a human and a blogger.Romantic rock with vintage vibes.I adore the Tweed cloth, so feminine and chic.The ankle boots just rock the whole outfit.I didn't want to match it with a plain shirt so i opted for a Logo T-shir ''heartbreaker''!
I tied my messenger bag to my waist and filled my eyes with darkness to create THE edgyness.
I have said before that i could wear the outfit for ever in my life,this is the one.The real reason behind this phase is the strong feelings of confidence that i got whenever i wear this look.
Unstoppable,ready for everything.

And then after finishing our wow-glam-photoshoot-just kidding i asked Azouli about style:

What is the meaning of style to you and how could you define your personal one?

Many people think that style is what you wear but in reality style is an expression of our personality, the way we dress, the way we talk, our hobbies, our thoughts, intetions and interests. Style is not only about the clothes but what is underneath and it is reflected through the choices that you make when you open your wardrobe. My style was influenced a lot from skatefashion, streetwear and clothes from the man. So I would describe my style as urban tomboy!

 Azouli ,20 Student  


All the photos are taken and edited by my favorite @antonis.agr

I am wearing:
tweed suit: MANGO
T-shirt: https://www.daydreamers.gr/

Azouli is wearing:
bomber jacket: Pull&Bear

Thank you so much,

be stylish,be Tomboy,be a lady be everything you want.


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