23 Οκτωβρίου 2017


We got a week off,we had to,because we needed some time to rest our brains and search for new inspiration to capture.So we did and after that we did find out the perfect balance between modern and retro,the ''vintage urbanism''.

An elegant kimono worn over a camvas of basic pieces like a white plain T-shirt and a black pair of flared jeans.I wanted the kimono to crave for all the attention,just because it deserves it.Black velvet texture embroidered with gold detailed flowers.It seems that the chinese art meets the Medieval age culture.A statement piece that could be possible worn by a queen due to its fabric,is  now worn by the most modern way.This is the exact feeling and vibe a women should get when she wears a clothing piece from the newest collection of Nidodileda named by the moon,''Lunar eclipse''.I am sure that it perfectly reflects the imperfect beauty of the moon.You definitely need to see the whole collection on their site. HERE

You don't have to be afraid of the flawless kind of pattern and style this piece extracts,play with it but please try not to absorb its perfection.Use basic tops and bottoms or even a monochromatic dress to create a lovely look.And hey,can you imagine it with a logo T-shirt and blue royal jeans?That would be the ULTIMATE morning look-or a look for a morning fashion event,of course,if you want all eyes on you darling!Never forget that this robe could be worn as a dress too.Use your fantasy and created the perfect outfit.

Oh and shoes?What about a modern classic pair of ankle boots,in ''chatoyant''colour.Easy to wear yet eccentric for a morning to night out.Trust me,this pair is a MUST.And yes my make up for just one more Time is nothing special,so my hair is!Deal with it!

We want to thank Nidodileda brand and team for trusting us and our work,for featuring pieces of their newest collection.Nidodileda is one of the greatest Greek Fashion brands and the very first Greek brand that i wanted to collaborate with,as i 've first started blogging.We feel honoured,thank you!

Photographs are taken and edited by @antonis.agr.

i am wearing:

shoes:So Shoe,Glavani 40 Volos

Thank you so much,

be free,beautiful and imperfect like the moon.

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