LES CINq:FALLing into pieces

18 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017


it's been a long time since i had written for the HOW TO column and i am back,fresher than ever,so i decided to make up a brand new column that is going to be consisted of HOW TO posts.In particular,''Les CINq'' column is going to host inspirational posts full of streetstyle and pinterest images that generally express my inner being,-no kidding-.Each post is going to be-i hope so-identical.I will provide to you five ways,trends,places e.c.t in order to get inspired.

Aesthetically,it reminds me my tumblr posts,oh well if you own a blog there,go follow me HERE.
Can't wait to share with you what i have in my blurry mind.Here it is.

1.as LONG as you want it.

Is it only me,seeing these long coats getting longer and longer here?Are a must,from a raincoat to a classic trench coat,the length is getting bigger and bigger.Say yes to RED or any vivid colours.
The snake tattoo over there is my latest obsession,it has something nostalgic and an 80's vibe to die for.I had to share it.


The modern-classic androgynous suit is the new black.These two pieces look definitely better together but NYFW girls was wearing them even separate with basics jeans and i have to admit it,they did a great endeavor and had almost brought these European vibes to the big city.We got enough blazers-jeans matched with basket bags there,Birkin was honoured.
I am such a huge fan of Ms Bernad and her genuine vintage spirit as much as with this layered suit,pants underneath the skirt?-Hell yeah!

3.The TEA dress 

Long tea and floral dresses,attention please the flowers should be as big as your nails,that small.And wow,just can't wait to wear these key pieces with jeans underneath,long boots and of course the beloved and upcoming trend socked boots.These Drama queens right there give me the right feeling,this is why i love mind-teleporting to different decades.


My alter ego is definitely,a punk girl and not a princess.I caught myself thinking of it after my boyfriend had shown me Cody frost.Yes girl,i love punk and grungy calture,clothes and especially shoes,i would say yes to make up too. Ovesized leather jackets and badass gingham are a must.And what i love the most?Is mixing two different parts of me the girly one with the bad girl one.Pink tweed suit with pair of black junky boots?That's hot.


Japanese and Chinese tradition have magnetised my thoughts lately.The colours,the chiangsam motives, everything seem so inspirational to me that i really want to know more and more about their traditions.Kimonos and Qi-pao tops and dresses are already in my wishlist.Its a cool way to elevate a boring look don't you think?

That's all for today,i hope you find this post interesting! 
Stay identical and fashionable,nobody wants to die boring.
thank you

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