Beauté-PREP:My HELLEO soaps experience

3 Αυγούστου 2017

Hello Fashionlovers,

It is time to sit down and write all about my Helleo soap experience.Over a month ago,i received a small package from the Helleo soap company,a Greek company-more than that- a Greek Family Business,that creates and produces olive oil soaps that smell like Mother Nature.
Opening the parcel,everything, the smell,the design,the colours,even the postcards the they have put in the package reminded me of the Greek Summer.Sun,salt and the smell of the wind that penetrates you full of real fragrances that Mother Nature has provided and secretly made for human.The package also contained a handmade wooden dish for your soap.Adored it.

I am ready to share with you my one month of using these handmade products experience.I have told you guys through my Instagram Profile that i have been straggling with Acne for over 5 years.I have an oily face complexion and i hardly find products to suit me and make me feel clean and healthy.I don't know about you but a clean skin makes me feel always healthy and calm-i never go to bed with my makeup on-.

I used two of Helleo soaps,the one Prickly pear & Aloe vera the other Chamomile & Calendula 
you can find their natural ingredients and their use by clicking their names.

After unboxing them,their virgin fragrance will come all over you.Moreover its tactility reminded me the one my mother had when i was a child and i used to get washed by her.You definitely can feel that  is made by olive oil and the best feeling ever,after washed your face/body and hair,the feeling of cleanliness.

I may have observed some differences after using these two and i found out that the second one with the ingredients as Chamomile and Calendula was more suitable for me.I distinguished the softer smell that chamomile has,i am that kind of person who likes light fragrances.And of course the feeling after cleaning my face with it,made it feel less oily were the advantages.Well i didn't spot any drawbacks.After all what kind of disadvantage a human being can find in a product that Mother Nature has made?

If you are not sure,which soap suits you the best,even after reading the description under the products on their truly well designed webpage , the pack of six small soaps is a great deal for you.For me either,can't wait to travel with them.

Natural,handmade soaps made with love and passion in Crete,Greece.Using raw and eco friendly materials to make your skin feel unique,soft and healthy.Even if you are not into this kind of lifestyle yet,you should try them.

Thank you so much,

Enjoy the rest of your Summer.


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