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2 Μαΐου 2017

Hello Fashionlovers,

Being convenient is the best feeling ever,wearing your favorite sneakers with your white bohemian outfit feels just like that.In this day and age,the refined athleisure trend is the greatest choice to make,whether it is winter,spring or even summer.
Make it look cooler,give your look the sense of motion while matching your sneakers with a long white skirt full of raffles.
Total white-all white could be the easiest yet safest option for you in order to adjust the athleisure trend in such a bohemian look.
Lacking of colors,i utilised the the trend of colourful socks in order to add some noise to my whole outfit.

The total white look consist of two pieces a top and a skirt, that could be worn differently as a two pieced dress.I love the bohemian vibes that these pieces can bring to your style.
I have to confess,i can't get enough from this fabric,soft and easy to wear,the shirt cloth is all the rage nowadays.From tops to dresses and skirts shirt-cloth could be easily matched with different textiles and patterns.White and baby blue is just the beginning,get in the pursuit of florals and plaids. 

Pictures are taken by @antonis.agr

i am wearing:
Top and Skirt: Myfashioneyes
watch:Daniel Wellington:Use the discount code YURICHAT for a 15% off to your purchase.
hairstyle:Loreal paris COLORISTA

Stay cool-be creative,

Thank you


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