31 Μαΐου 2017

Hello Fashionlovers,

I was challenged-or not- to wear a cute vintage Tea-dress in the most modern way!Here i am pairing my girly-yellow dress with a pair of mum's jeans.How easy and comfy this is,right?I have been doing this for such long time.Creating a unique look by suiting a dress with a pair of jeans.

The title couldn't be more realistic,i was dancing with the stormed until the storm hit and started raining.We got wet,but i love this kind of weather,when the rain smells nothing but summer.My photographer-partner in love- shoot the dark clouds while i was dancing with the wind.Oh by the way these pictures do have 2% of editing!Damn!

This post is an incentive to elevate and modify a boring girly dress into a stylish mini-Tea dress.
Straight ahead to my favorite SundaySeoul in order to find out a unique piece for you inspired by the vintage aesthetic.

photos by : @antonis.agr coolkids.gr

i am wearing


Thank you.-

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