14 Απριλίου 2017

When it comes to Spring or even pre-Spring season all you have to do is to adjust your basic fall pieces to light-weight ones.Blazers are always a good idea.Masculine lines are combined perfectly to this feminine pattern.Blazers are the easiest way to create a quick day out look,its the perfect way to elevate your boring -bomber jacket-white T-shirt-jeans look-.
-Hey,you don't have to ''serve'' this look only with formal,60's low heels but also with your favorite flatformed slippers,isn't it cool?
Totally,especially when these sneakers are odd,like these i wore.White flatformed slippers with a top knot.But i can say,there is a drawback of wearing white shoes.Everyone knows that right?Transformed this pure white color to grey in a few days..sorry.
Matched the look with white denim bottoms and a yellow silk shirt.
This silk shirt.actually every silk top can bring your look to the top just by its bright color and texture.
Finished the look easily with no make-make up on and ofc sunnglasses with vintage vibes.

This is my ultimate go-out-day to night look,comfortable feminine and chic.Basic pieces and a vintage Blazer do create the most fashionable results,don't they?

Photography by:/antonis.agr/

Oh and i am wearing:
Blazer and Jeans:Vintage

Stay chic + positive

Thank you.

p.s more posts are coming very soon!

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