F for Fashion:C for CORSETS

6 Μαρτίου 2017

Hello fashionlovers,

Huge belts,aristocratic corsets are the upcoming statement accessories,that have already inundated the catwalks.I would love to inspire you,in order to adopt this huge trend in your personal style.

A statement piece,like this velvet aristocratic Corset could be transformed to a readytowear piece,wearable from day to night.Although,sometimes these kind of accessories,could be easily forgotten in your wardrobe,especially when you have no idea,how they could be matched.
Wearing them as an individual clothing piece is the easiest way to utilise this piece.Besides that,layering them with a top below,like an oversized shirt or a basic top,might be the most fashionable one,or just the most comfortable one!

This ''Le Mouton Bleu'' corset is a handmade piece made in Greece with love and passion by Eva Tzioti.Scroll down for details.
I love the texture and the print that embellishes even the most basic Jeans.
Wanted to make this statement piece a ready to wear one,i layered it with an oversized white shirt and matched it with my wide-leg blue jeans.

                Gorgeous work by:@antonis.agr    

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Be gorgeous.

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