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30 Μαΐου 2016

Hello Fashionlovers,

Today's post is fashion post!This is what i love doing,
hanging out with friend,walking by the sea in beautiful Volos,wearing no make up and some lovely comfortable but also chic pieces.The romantic off -shoulder dress is perfect for walks like these.Its cozy and can be worn from day to night.Its also so fashionable,cause as you may noticed it contains two fancy trends in one piece,off-shoulder and stripes are two of the biggest trends of all summer.Hanging my lovely Christina Male bag,with floral details that matches my knitted floral details on the top of my stripped dress.I think its an all-season messenger bag,don't you think?In order to walk a loot,i thought it has great idea to wear my leather wedges.Fav pair of shoes for every summer walk.Take a look to the pictures below and tell me your opinion!

   i am wearing:
                                                   clothes&accessories:Ladyluck,Volos[for any purchase send me email/message]

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