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22 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Hello fashionlovers&Fashionbloggers!Before we get started i want to tell you,that my YOUTUBE CHANNEL is almost ready,so you can visit it and subscribe it in order to see the newest uploadings!The theme will be the same,fashion(lookbook videos) ,streetstyle(styling tips) and DIY projects.As you can understant i am new to vlogging so i am pretty anxious and excited! Today's post is a fashion-review post.This look is something between elegant and casual style.I mixed my formal blue blazer with my classic high waisted jeans.I gave the blazer its morning edition by matching it with these lovely flats from the fashion shoe-store So Shoe .These lovely loafers is excactly what you need for a morning cafe and not only.Wear them with pants,skirts or dresses and they will transform your outfit to something classic,chic and fashionable.This pair is ideal for the shopacholics,due to the fact that they are very comfortable,that's why you can wear them while you are working.Lets finish the look with accessories:i am wearing one of my favorite pieces for this Fall and winter collection:the long scarf(which looks like tie).It just gives your outfit the last fashionable touch and every fashionlover should have one scarf like this in her or his closet!I am wearing my favorite black hat and last but not least my new crocodile printed clutch,which i got from www.wholesalebuying.com.Chic and really inexpensive,love it!!Check out my photographs below and comment me:

i am wearing:
shoes:So Shoe Glavani 40 Volos,Greece

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