Runaway|So ShoeΧChatoyant21| (WSB REVIEW)

Hello fashionlovers&Fashionbloggers!Before we get started i want to tell you,that my YOUTUBE CHANNEL is almost ready,so you can visit it and subscribe it in order to see the newest uploadings!The theme will be the same,fashion(lookbook videos) ,streetstyle(styling tips) and DIY projects.As you can understant i am new to vlogging so i am pretty anxious and excited! Today's post is a fashion-review post.This look is something between elegant and casual style.I mixed my formal blue blazer with my classic high waisted jeans.I gave the blazer its morning edition by matching it with these lovely flats from the fashion shoe-store So Shoe .These lovely loafers is excactly what you need for a morning cafe and not only.Wear them with pants,skirts or dresses and they will transform your outfit to something classic,chic and fashionable.This pair is ideal for the shopacholics,due to the fact that they are very comfortable,that's why you can wear them while you are working.Lets finish the look with accessories:i am wearing one of my favorite pieces for this Fall and winter collection:the long scarf(which looks like tie).It just gives your outfit the last fashionable touch and every fashionlover should have one scarf like this in her or his closet!I am wearing my favorite black hat and last but not least my new crocodile printed clutch,which i got from and really inexpensive,love it!!Check out my photographs below and comment me:

i am wearing:
shoes:So Shoe Glavani 40 Volos,Greece

F for Fashion:Stay Urbanish|So Shoe X Chatoyant21|(YOINS & WSB REVIEW)

Hello Fashionlovers&Fashionbloggers!Its's been a long time since i wrote to you and i am really sorry,but i've got a so many things to show you and a new fashion lookbook video so stay tuned in my  blog,fb-page and in my youtube chanel.This post is a fashion-review post,i am reviewing this classic  loafers but also really extreme due to its iridescent color pair of shoe from the fashion-shoe store ''So Shoe'' in Volos,Greece.(FIND IT HERE).These shoes are a total must for this winter,perfect for an  everyday look because they are so comfy!This pair is ideal for an eccentric shoe-lover who loves to be the center of attention,because of its crazy but also fashionable color.They are easy to wear though they have this extreme color.Don't think just do it!I suit them with my new black vest from WWW.YOINS.COM.I really like this online fashion-store because it has great pieces and nice quality.The Vest is all black and i received it with a black belt,its quality is really great.As i wrote you in previous posts vests are a must have for the FALL/WINTER collections and everyone should have one,because they are so easy to wear!We love them cause they make our waist to look thinner,but also we can wear them with jeans,qullotes and midi dresses.I think vests are the new coats or jackets!You can definitely find the one you like HERE.I matched my vest with my black jeans and my nude blouze(Basic items).I finished my look with my new and basic black shoulder bag from an everyday medium bag great choice for work,school and universite.Nice quality and amazing price find it HERE.See more details in the pictures below:

i am wearing:
shoes: HERE,So Shoe Glavani 40 Volos,GREECE
bag: HERE

F for Fashion:MOTIVO|So ShoeXChatoyant21|

Hey Fashionlovers&Fashionbloggers!This is an another fashion-review post!I am reviewing for the fashionshoe- store So Shoe and for an online store am so sorry for not posting these days but i've got huge internet problems AGAIN,as i told you it my previous post...Let's get you can see from the pictures below i am reviewing a pair of dark red,platformed low boots,they are really chic and casual at the same time.The color its a total must for this season and you can definitely wear them with everything.The geometric details in the front of the shoe,give an elegance and a different style from the other low boots.This pair is comfortable and a great choice for this winter,because it can keep your feet warm.I suited them with my lovely 70's inspired dress.I finished my look with my new black small messenger bag,easy to wear and a day and night item.Every girl should have one,in her closet,well i do,i 've already have two in black and white.You can wear them with jeans or a formal dress,you choose!Find the chic cluctch HERE.Check out the pictures below for more details:

Hey Fashionlovers&Fashionbloggers!Το σημερινο look ειναι αλλο ενα fashion-review post!Αυτη την φορα θα παρουσιασω παπουτσια για το καταστημα παπουτσιων So Shoe και ρουχα για το online storeΕιμαι τοσο στεναχωρημενη που δεν μπορω να κανω αναρτησεις πιο συχνα αλλα αντιμετωπιζω ξανα τεραστια προβληματα με το ιντερνετ στο νεο μου σπιτι,οπως σας ειπα και στο προηγουμενο post.Ας ξεκινησουμε λοιπον...οπως μπορειτε να δειτε και απο τις παρακατω φωτογραφιες φοραω να ζευγαρι μπορντο χαμηλα μποτακια με πλατφορμα ειναι πολυ σικ και καθημερινα ταυτοχρονα,Το χρώμα είναι ένα απόλυτο Must γι αυτήν την season και μπορεί κανείς να τα φορέσει με οτιδήποτε!Οι γεωμετρικές λεπτομέρειες που υπάρχουν  μπροστά,δίνουν στα παπούτσια μια κομψότητα και ένα διαφορετικό στυλ από τα άλλα πανομοιότυπα μποτάκια.Αυτο το ζευγάρι είναι πολύ άνετο και τέλεια επιλογή για τον χειμώνα ,καθώς διατηρεί τα πόδια σου ζεστά!Τα ταίριαξα με το αγαπημένο μου φόρεμα με στυλ απο τα 70's.Τελειώνοντας προσθεσα την μικρή τσαντα σε μαύρο χρωμα.Είναι ευκολοφόρετη και μπορεί κανεις να την φορέσει πρωι κ' βράδυ.Κάθε κοριτσι πρέπει να εχει μια τέτοια στην ντουλάπα της...γι αυτο και εγω εχω δυο,σε μαυρο και ασπρο.Φόρεσε την με τζινς 'ή ενα επισημο φόρεμα,εσυ διαλέγεις!Βρες την HERE.Δειτε τις παρακάτω φωτογραφίες μου για περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες:

i am wearing:
shoes:So Shoe Γκλαβάνη 40 Βόλος
messenger bag:

F for Fashion:Cozy Chic|So Shoe X Chatoyant21|

Hey fashionlovers&fashionbloggers!I m so happy for today's post because i am going to show you my first fashion-video,fashion vlogging is something that i really want to do in the future and my new friend Rozie,who took all the pictures below,filmed this small video and helped me,by giving me some first edititing tips.She is really talented and friendly too,you can see her cool work in her youtube channel(CLICK HERE)I hope that we could work togather!I've made a video channel,called Chatoyant21,i am going to start uploading more videos,fashion-lookbook,DIY and other videos.I just cant't wait.I am going to post the video at the end of this post so you can see it and you could tell me what you think.Fashion Vlogging is something like an ambition for me,so i hope i could make it.You guys can help me by subscribing my channel.So today's look is a fashion-review look.I am reviewing for the fashion shoe store in Greece,Volos called ''So Shoe''.As you can see from the photographes below,i am reviewing a casual pair of low boots in dark green.This pair is excactly what you need for this winter for 3 reasons: 1.its a pair of low boots and everyone should have one(haha ok) 2.They are very comfortable and so easy to wear 3.wear them with jeans or dress, it will make your outfit so fashionable.It's a great option for someone who wants an everyday-pair for the cold days of the winter.Try to suit them with high,over the knee socks,they will look  so chic.I matched the low boots with my lovely jeans dress and my white sweater.So simple and so chic.I finished the look with my vintage suede jacket.Take a look to my video and my photos below and tell me your opinion:

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i am wearing:
shoes:so shoe,Γκλαβάνη 40 Βόλος

Photagraphes and video by Rosie.

Rosie's channel:CLICK HERE

F for Fashion:BORDEAUX|So Shoe X Chatoyant21|

Hello Fashionbloggers&Fashionlovers!Today i am going to show you a more winter look.As you can see i am wearing a high neck,midi dress with my black leather jacket and these lovely-chic black leather boots,which are from the fashion shoe-store ''So Shoe''.The colors are darker and the backround pale,as the winter is!Let's get started from the bordeaux dress,as you could notice high neck clothes are a huge trend for this season,we saw high neck sleeveless tops and we wore them at the end of summer and start of Fall,so could you imagine how much we are going to love this trend for this winter.So prepare yourself for high neck dresses,shirts,blouses or even coats.You should propably buy one dress like this,its easy to wear,great option for day or night and you could wear ti with flats,boots or even heels.But should try it with low look incredible chic and sexy.So i matched them with my black leather low boots,totally comfortable and warm for the winter.Right choice for day and night,especially for cold days!Wear them with jeans,skirts and dresses,you can choose!Its a classic item and a fashionlover should have one pair of black leather low boots in her shoe-collection trust me!Last but not least rock your outfit with your leather jacket,every girl needs one,its suitable for all the occasions,from casaul to dressy.Take a look to the pictures below for more details:

i am wearing:
Shoes:So Shoe HERE Γκλαβάνη 40, Βόλος

F for Fashion:BLACK SPACES|So ShoeXChatoyant21| (YOINS REVIEW)

Hello fashionlovers&fashionbloggers!I am really sorry that i didn't write to you for such a long time,but i was busy studying and i got huge problems with my internet connection.This is an another fashion post with me reviewing one more chic pair of peep toe from the fashion-shoe store ''So Shoe'' and the lovely black strapless dress,which i am wearing as T-shirt from pair that i am wearing are a black medium high peep toe,which are a great option for a 17+ women.Really comfortable and easy to wear.Wear them with jeans or cocktail dress they will look chic and fashionable!They've got a minimal detail,spaces in the two sides of each shoe,which is a huge upcoming trend for this seasons,we saw spaces at jeans,leggings and t-shirt.Furthermore i them because they are leather so they could give a rock touch in your look.I matched them with my new black strapless dress find it HERE.I really like it because of its cyfon pattern and its quality!So fashionable and chic,you can wear it for a coffee or drink!I tried it with my blue skinny jeans and i made the piece look better for fall.I finished the look with my transparent clutch and my lovely black tie,i got a feeling that ties are going to be a huge trent for the upcoming season,a lot of fashion girls wear it like Margaret Zhang,so prepare yourself for more androgynous clothing lines!Check the photographs below to see what i mean:

i am wearing:
shoes:So Shoe, Γκλαβανη 40, Βολος

F for Fashion:Do it in your way|So ShoeXChatoyant21|

Hey Fashionlovers&fashionbloggers!Ι am so excited to share with you guys an another shoe-post!I am reviewing shoes for the fashion shoe shop ''So Shoe''.This time i am going to show you low boots with flat sole,a nice option for an everyday look and not only!The pair is black with raspy print.The boots are so elastic,they do not have a zipper or buttons.They are absolutely comfortable on feet,great shoe for walking,you can wear the at work and university!They look nice on trousers and midi-dresses or even midi-skirts.You could wear them with shorts or mini-skirt,be careful though,because low boots,maybe will ''cut'' your legs and make you look shorter.I tried too match these chic boots with my black skinny jeans and my white-stripped shirt.I finish my look with my dark purple bag.Its a nice outfit for work,coffee and shopping.Cozy and easy!Loved it?Share it!

i am wearing:
Shoes:So Shoe store,Γκλαβάνη 40 στον Βολο
skinny jeans:Pull&Bear